BKX Public Token Sale
starts November 28, 2017



BANKEX Proof-of-Asset protocol (PoA) is a standard that enables a new generation of assets and contracts creating Decentralized capital markets.

BANKEX Ecosystem

Sometimes turning the light on is enough...

White List Information

The purpose of the White List is to give BANKEX supporters and followers early access to the public sale to ensure everyone gets a fair chance to participate.

  • Registration Period

    is now open for contributors of 100 ETH and more

    Token sale: from Nov 28, 2017

  • Tokens

    Hard cap: 220,000,000 BKX tokens

    Round 1: 80,000,000 BKX tokens for sale

    Frozen: 140,000,000 BKX reserved for institutional deals (no resale for 365 days)

  • Contribution

    Presale: 100 ETH or more

    Public sale: from 0.1 ETH

  • Geography
    Various, US regulations complaint

Funding Structure

Token Allocation

Planned use of proceeds

Let’s talk numbers

  • 9 banks under
    BaaS projects
  • 17 strategic
  • 77 early token
  • 3,500+ BANKEX Lab
    project clients
  • 100,000+ Fintech deals
    in 2017
High Interest Rate Low Risk Positive Responses

See Proof-of-Asset Protocol in action
for real world assets

BKX Token Sale
Fully compliant with US regulations,
both private persons and institutions are eligible


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Igor Khmel understands the world of finances is about to go through global changes. In order to be able to make his contribution to them, he enters the Stanford University to study finances
Internship at Citadel Investment Group, one of the most profitable funds, where almost 100% of all employees know programming languages
A turning point in the vision of perspectives and opportunities for financial market development - meeting Tim Draper, future advisor of Bancor.Network
Igor Khmel convinces the head of the most profitable bank in Europe, Herman Gref to create the Sberbank Innovation lab, which Igor masterminds the lead of. Today it is the European leader in banking innovation.
Igor Khmel meets Ilham Hatypov and Dmitry Dolgov, founding the BANKEX company as an extension of the fintech innovation lab
BANKEX Fintech Lab begins to operate on a daily basis, founders of the company come to work in it full-time
BANKEX creates the department of blockchain development, making friends with Sasha Ivanov - the creator of WAVES Platform
The BANKEX team wins the blockchain hachathon organized by the Life.SREDA financial group, creating a solution for p2p trading deals based on the Telegram messenger, capable of conducting transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.
BANKEX begins interaction in technical fields with the ChronoBank project team, that holds one of the first successful ICOs at the beginning of 2017, releasing the TIME token
Through 2016 BANKEX Lab succeeds in signing contracts with 3 banks and deployment of 3 fintech products on the market: KYC, deposit exchange, crowdfunding marketplace.
Throughout the year BANKEX becomes the winner of more than 10 prestigious prizes and conferences in the fintech sector
BANKEX and Microsoft sign a blockchain technological development partnership, receiving Microsoft Azure Sponsorship of $120000
BANKEX Lab achieves operational profit for the first Product Owner of the BANKEX Proof-of-Asset Protocol ecosystem - the fintech subsidiary FinDelivery with a KYC Smart Asset
BANKEX receives status of Securities Emission Advisor and becomes a Bank-as-a-Service platform. The BANKEX ecosystem is joined by six more banks. Additionally a strategic partnership is formed with the M-Deposit Stock Exchange
Start of development of BANKEX asset tokenization business, the Proof-of-Asset Protocol is presented publicly and the first version of the BANKEX WhitePaper is created
Rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market coincides with growth of BANKEX's team. BANKEX now counts over 50 employees worldwide.
Public acknowledgement of BANKEX - the company becomes one of the TOP-50 fintech companies worldwide
BANKEX organizes the first proper fintech hackathon, where development teams invite banks to program together. Winners were awarded with preBKX WAVES tokens
First achievements of the Proof-of-Asset Protocol: the product architecture is created, some of BANKEX's innovations are developed and tested, such as Blockchain Service Architecture, Smart Asset Tokenization, Smart Deal. The market reacts very positively. The Proof-of-Asset Protocol scheme is validated with global clients and ConsenSys.
BANKEX releases PBKX tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain.
Pre Token Sale is concluded within two weeks with a result of over $1 500 000
The BANKEX team receives an award from Vitalik Buterin as winners of the blockchain hackathon
Igor Khmel's presentation at FinTech Week in London strengthens interest towards BANKEX solutions from business
During the BANKEX Asia RoadShow: Shenzhen, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore the company holds meetings with financial elites
BANKEX business opened in New York, a partnership is established with American legal companies. BANKEX is joined by fintech titan and Bank-as-a-Service guru Chris Skinner
Initial Smart Asset Offering MVP version based on the Ethereum blockchain is launched
We have released a Demo-version of our product, the Proof-of-Asset Protocol, which provides new sources of capital for real assets on a crypto-centric FinTech platform. We have created a MVP product, and it signifies a solution for business
BANKEX enables new sources of capital for real assets with publicly auditable decentralized banking. In this demo we will you show BANKEX technology might be used for mortgage bond contracts
BKX Token Sale
Fully compliant with US regulations,
both private persons and institutions are eligible

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  • Symphony Foundation Annual Meeting

    21 Jun New York, USA
    Symphony Foundation Annual Meeting
    Symphony Foundation Annual Meeting + BANKEX
    New York, USA
  • Money 20/20

    26–27 Jun Copenhagen, DK
    Money 20/20
    Money 20/20 + BANKEX
    Copenhagen, DK
  • London Fintech Week

    7–14 Jul London, UK
    London Fintech Week
    London Fintech Week + BANKEX
    London, UK
  • Silicon Valley Fintech Week 2017

    1–6 Aug San Mateo, CA, USA
    Silicon Valley Fintech Week 2017
    Silicon Valley Fintech Week 2017 + BANKEX
    San Mateo, CA, USA
  • New York Fintech Week

    21–25 Aug New York, USA
    New York Fintech Week
    New York Fintech Week + BANKEX
    New York, USA
  • 3rd Global Blockchain Summit

    10–14 Sep Shanghai, China
    3rd Global Blockchain Summit
    3rd Global Blockchain Summit + BANKEX
    Shanghai, China
  • Slush conference

    17–19 Sep Singapore, Singapore
    Slush conference
    Slush conference + BANKEX
    Singapore, Singapore
  • Ethereum Foundation Meetup

    24 Sep Seoul, Korea
    Ethereum Foundation Meetup
    Ethereum Foundation Meetup + BANKEX
    Seoul, Korea
  • World Blockchain Forum - Investments & ICOs

    25–26 Sep London, UK
    World Blockchain Forum - Investments & ICOs
    World Blockchain Forum - Investments & ICOs + BANKEX
    London, UK
  • ETHWaterloo

    13–15 Oct Waterloo, ON, Canada
    ETHWaterloo + BANKEX
    Waterloo, ON, Canada
  • Money 20/20

    22–25 Oct Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Money 20/20
    Money 20/20 + BANKEX
    Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Devcon3

    1–4 Nov Cancun, Mexico
    Devcon3 + BANKEX
    Cancun, Mexico
  • Blockchain for Wall Street

    14 Nov New York, USA
    Blockchain for Wall Street
    Blockchain for Wall Street + BANKEX
    New York, USA
  • ConsenSys Conference

    28 Nov New York, USA
    ConsenSys Conference
    ConsenSys Conference + BANKEX
    New York, USA
  • Latam

    2–4 Dec Bogota, Colombia
    Latam + BANKEX
    Bogota, Colombia

How to contribute

You can contribute to the BKX token sale using MyEtherWallet or MetaMask. To join the BANKEX Token Sale, you can purchase BKX tokens directly from the Token Sale smart contract. Check out this guide to learn how to purchase using MyEtherWallet and MetaMask.

Important notes

  • Do not send ETH directly to the BKX token sale contract address. Please follow instruction below on how to properly execute the purchase Tokens() smart contract function in order to purchase BKX tokens.
  • DO NOT send funds from exchanges such as Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase, GDAX, etc. Your BKX may be lost if you do.
  • Do not send ether before the specified start block number, which will be announced and published on this page closer to the public sale date.