BANKEX is a fintech company that utilizes blockchain technology to create the infrastructure for the decentralization of the world’s capital markets

$ 8M projected revenue
$100+M asset balance
14 000 tokenholders
from 127 countries
22k transactions per second in Ethereum Plasma
22 provisional patents pending
Office locations
New York • Los Angeles • St. Petersburg • Zug • Hong Kong • Seoul • Moscow • Palo Alto • Birkirkara
Global team
64+ in-house BANKEX engineers

The best of two worlds: an institutional blockchain company that was born in the crypto world

Focused on enterprise business and financial institutions
Talented world-class engineering team
Global exposure with clients and POCs in the US, Japan, China, South Korea, and Africa
Institutional-grade tech and legal infrastructure with patented technology
Bridge between traditional and crypto markets
Deep technological expertise and understanding of blockchain
Great timing to capture growth of emerging industry
Proven track record of corporate partnerships
We understand that consolidating leadership in this new era requires constant, active development and the ability to channel resources to the frontier. To become a global leader, we have to be continuously developing newer and better products that will keep us one step ahead of the competition.
Multi-trillion $ opportunity to tokenize asset verticals with limited liquidity/transparency today
Use blockchain technology to get funding for your Instagram account and become famous!
Blockchain based investment platform for rental income secured by real property
Franchise Token leverages the BANKEX Proof-of-Asset protocol to transform any franchise outlet into a security token
Jump into the future!
Digitize your asset with the BANKEX Proof-of-Asset protocol and increase its liquidity!


  • STO as a Service: the first STO platforms
  • New STO frameworks: fintech, real estate, movies, art, & other asset classes
  • Enterprise products: Custody Service, BANKEX Token Exchange, Supply Chain, Financial Solutions
  • B2C products launching soon: Digital Deal, Chatex p2p OTC bot
  • White label solutions for financial organizations
  • Enterprise Supply Chain solutions
  • Cloud business with Microsoft Azure Marketplace & Amazon AWS Marketplace
  • Enterprise Solutions for banks
  • Enterprise Solutions for global business
  • Blockchain-based investment bank
  • SSO BANKEX ID + KYC Service
  • Plasma & Ethereum Plasma
  • Prime zk-SNARKs & zk-STARKs
  • ERC-888 Security Token with KYC
  • Custody Service API Integration
  • Proof-of-Asset SDK for 3rd party developers
  • BANKEX Open Source Community
  • Plasma Enterprise
  • Open Source Ethereum web3.swift
  • BANKEX Scan for Digital Assets
  • New standards for capital markets
  • Digital Asset Dashboard
  • PoA Open Charity SDK
  • IoT smart-speaker software for business, analogous to Alexa for home use


Won special prize from Kyber Network at ETH San Francisco
Ranked amongst top 20 most influential blockchain companies on social media
Highly evaluated at ETHBerlin hackathon
Frontier Award at London Fintech Week
Ethereum Plasma Prime MVP presented at hackathon
Ethereum hackathon hosted by BANKEX Foundation
Created web3.swift native client
Plasma-type protocol prototype presented
Finalist of Innotribe Startup Challenge (by SWIFT)
$120K grant from Microsoft Azure
Top 50 fintech startups in the world
Vitalik Buterin awards Winners of the Hackathon
Smart Asset tokens for Hollywood
Top 6 tokensales in the world in 2017
Vitalik Buterin tweet BANKEX Tech Team
Life.SREDA blockchain hackathon winner