Adding your PBKX Token to MyEtherWallet

Attention: Pre-ICO is over, please do not try to buy them. This easy-to-use instruction will show you the best way to add existing PBKX token to your wallet.

Step 1

  1. open your Ethereum wallet;
  2. click on the button “Add Custom Token”

Step 2

Please enter the data as shown on the picture in order to display your PBKX tokens:

Address: 0x5ac0197c944c961f58bb02f3d0df58a74fdc15b6

Token Symbol: PBKX

Decimals: 2

Attention! To correctly display the balance, please bear in mind inputting the correct number into the Decimals field.

Step 3

Your PBKX token is added to the list of tokens