Custody Service

Custody Service is a classical depository with the only difference being the ability of clients to store crypto-assets

custody.bankex.comLaunching Q3 2018

Security is one of the basic barriers to the use of cryptocurrency. Adding to that the absence of any material realization of crypto, a card or a bill, and the lack of any customer service, users often find themselves on their own with their questions and crypto-related issues, which significantly breaks crypto entry to daily life.

BANKEX developed the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency depository with no minimum fund limit. “Custody-service” BANKEX Crypto Custody safeguards your crypto assets at the highest level of security by offering complete coverage of the three main risks with cryptocurrency storage, namely converge in the event of human factor, natural damage and virtual threats. We have developed a geographically-distributed and internally-isolated solution that ensures a 100% protection level from hacking attacks and internal fraud.

BANKEX Custody is the analog to safety-deposit box with no minimum initial deposit. It offers services for identity and cryptocurrency asset management with no minimum deposit necessary to take advantage of customer services or security benefits. Typical human factor risks such as forgetting your password as well as the risk of natural damage and virtual threats from hackers are completely resolved for all users. Custody customer service similar to offline concierge services such as conventional access to accounts via email address and password and assistance in transactions. Terms and conditions for Custody include password recovery and the possibility to establish and manage backup systems similar to other online accounts.

Custody also plans to offer a practical solution to the default management of intestate legacy accounts that have no disposition in a will or trust and are without instructions for the allocation of deposits. User agreements with Custody concierge services include default dispersal agreements that are legally binding with presiding probate court in any jurisdiction.

BANKEX has gathered the best, and the brightest programmers to make sure that its security standards are “second to none.” Currently accepting 4 types of cryptocurrency for storage: BTC (Bitcoin), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), ETH (Ethereum) and LTE (Litecoin), the service expects to accept BKX, the utility token for the BANKEX ecosystem, for both payment and storage in the near future and also is working on a all-in-one storage solution.