Know Your Customer

Launching Q4 2018

The BANKEX KYC is an advanced Know Your Customer protocol to verify the identity and background of potential customers, partners and participants in any transaction for the process.

The BANKEX KYC offers advance KYC performance:

  • Complete mulitichannel background screening for the highest level of security for mutually beneficial transactions
  • Security against fraud, money laundering, identity theft and scams
  • Reputational VIP status for contributors, partners and customers passing BANKEX KYC in other transactions, token sales and projects

Use case

Compliances with fiscal regulatory authorities is win-win in all jurisdictions but not all KYC procedures have the same quality. The BANKEX KYC is an advanced full spectrum customer identification procedure useful for all products and services in the BANKEX product ecosystem and beyond. Eliminating potential for fraud means all parties involved can start with trust as the foundation of lasting relationships for future transactions with BANKEX and entities that acknowledge BANKEX community membership as a badge of reputation.