In the realm of the blockchain, the detailed accounting of transactions is an object of enormous importance. Not only does it allow searching and getting full information about specific transactions, it can also provide market analysis of the digital economy.

The Functionality of BKX Scan

Searched by the hash of transaction, key information can be displayed:

  • internal Ethereum transactions;
  • who/when makes a transaction;
  • the fee for a transaction;
  • whether the transaction completes or not.

You can also search data on it. Searching by the number of a block and searching by addresses are both available. BANKEX Scan takes into account the fact that a certain block may contain information about the data on previous transactions. The balance sheet will be displayed in any case, regardless of the selected scan period.


The beta-version of BANKEX Scan was launched on March 20 and now is open for testing. Please try it here: https://scan.bankex.com/

BANKEX team works hard on the final version of BANKEX scan, which will have additional features and advantages, such as a scan of the non-obvious Ethereum motions (like kill() function for the contract). BANKEX aims to make BANKEX Scan the biggest and most popular Ethereum scanner.