Custody for Business
Store cryptocurrency and tokens with an Enterprise-grade service, not on an engineer's laptop
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  • Security
    • Secure infrastructure with Amazon HSM
    • Multi-layer security
    • Cold storage
  • Legal & Audit
    • Guaranteed auditability of stored funds
    • Transaction history
    • Support for business processes
    • Licensed in Malta
  • Business friendly
    • Customized solutions with full support
    • Client-side management model
    • Custody-as-a-Service model
    • Easy asset control for executives
  • Services
    • Multi-asset support: currencies and tokens
    • Security Token support coming soon
    • Strict SLA for fund transfers
    • 24/7 support

Businesses encounter three problems when working with digital assets: safe asset storage, auditability, and managing employee access.

Why Custody for Business

Custody Service uses a secure, isolated approach to funds transfers:

  • the private keys needed to conduct digital transactions are generated in an isolated environment where they cannot be accessed by humans, extracted, copied, or transferred in an unencrypted state
  • private keys never leave the environment in which they were generated and encrypted
  • private keys are never transferred to the client side
  • transaction confirmation using private keys takes place entirely within the environment in which the keys were generated and encrypted
  • the confirmation of transactions with private keys uses automated black-box modules that do not allow administrator access and cannot be accessed when operations are in progress
  • to assure safe storage of assets, sequential encryption is applied, wherein private keys and keys for access to the private keys are encrypted in sequence
  • withdrawal from secure storage requires confirmation by multiple autonomous participants in the authorization chain
  • the transaction confirmation process can be scaled and customized — additional autonomous participants can be added to the authorization chain as operational risk increases
  • additional authorization factors can be added and customized, proportional to operational risk

Use cases

  • Asset management

    Digital assets held by your company need to be properly stored and accounted for in order to meet reporting requirements. Custody Service makes sure that your management team can always keep track of your crypto assets.

    Get your crypto holdings in order
  • Client asset management

    If your business works with digital assets, then you will have to prove that you can store them securely. An enterprise-grade 3rd-party storage solution inspires trust.

    Get reliable storage
  • Crypto business suport

    Don't rely on your full-stack developers for everything. Crypto asset storage requires a specialized approach and dedicated infrastructure. Don't waste your resources — use Custody Service as a ready-made asset storage solution.

    Save your resources
  • Large crypto holdings

    Your company's digital assets are entrusted to your best employee, who will never click on a phishing link or compromise their hardware. Right? Private keys to valuable assets are best stored where they won't expose your employees to temptation or danger. That's what specialized asset storage is for.

    Eliminate the human factor