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BANKEX Custody Service is a world-class decentralized cryptocurrency depository for enterprises and individuals which provides the highest-level security for the holder’s funds and a safe access to them at all times.
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BANKEX Custody Service safeguards your crypto assets at the highest level of security by offering complete coverage of the three main risks with cryptocurrency storage, namely converge in the event of human factor, natural damage and virtual threats.

How it works

BANKEX Custody Service works as an autonomous funds storage and management facility. It consists of a remote part of hardware cold wallets completely secured from any hacker attack by way of disconnection from the worldwide web. The second layer of the storage system is an autonomous software system, which operates with the cold wallets processing the user’s requests on operations with their funds. The system works on its own and excludes any human interference except in a few cases. They include the withdrawal of funds exceeding a set threshold, beyond which a second confirmation will be required to withdraw the funds and the withdrawal request under suspicious circumstances in which case the the request will be flagged for human review.