Custody Service
Custody Service keeps your Bitcoins, cryptocurrency, and tokens safe
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  • Free and Unlimited
    • Free with BKX tokens
    • No account fees
    • No minimum term of deposit
  • User friendly
    • A simple and intuitive interface
    • Quick balance view
    • Convenient deposit and withdrawal
  • Secure
    • No human factor
    • Best-in-class cybersecurity with Amazon HSM
    • Restore access by confirming your identity
  • Global
    • Access from anywhere in the world
    • 24/7 multi-language support
    • EU license

Custody Service keeps you from losing your Bitcoins, cryptocurrency, and tokens to forgetfulnes, technical issues, and hackers.

Why Custody Service

Buying crypto means saying goodbye to the physical objects we associate with money – plastic cards, banknotes, coins and cashier’s checks.

Even scarier – there’s no customer service line. Users with unresolved questions are on their own. Losing their private key means never getting their money back. Because of the anonymity of blockchain addresses, no one can prove that their BitCoins belong to them specifically.

In order to help integrate cryptocurrencies into daily life and help users who might otherwise lose access to their assets, BANKEX created a secure, headache-free way to store crypto.

As in online banking, if users forget their private keys or passwords, or if they damage the devices they use to access Custody Service, they can still access their funds. So there’s no need to memorize or hide away hard copies of cryptographic credentials. In Custody Service, customers use an account name, password, and 2-factor verification, just like with traditional online financial services.

Use cases

  • Large holdings

    When someone has large holdings of crypto assets, the risk of storing them without professional help becomes uncomfortable to bear. A dedicated crypto storage service can take that responsibility off your shoulders.

    Secure your investment
  • Crypto newbie

    No experience with private keys or complex IT tools? No problem. Custody Service is easy the way that email is easy.

    Simplify crypto with Custody
  • Crypto-hodler

    Not trading, but still worried? Custody Service means security and peace of mind. 0 concerns about private keys or other issues. If anything goes wrong, we can restore your access to your funds just like a bank would.

    Hodl safely with Custody
  • Crypto-Inheritance

    A crypto-holder's estate may be unable to access their digital assets. Consequently, their heirs may be deprived of a significant part of their inheritance. Custody Service includes default disbursal options that are recognized by probate courts in every jurisdiction.

    Be prepared