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BANKEX Digital Deal is an end-to-end blockchain-based solution for business that guarantees security and increases trust between
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  • Security

    BANKEX Escrow guarantees secure holding services that trust between transacting parties

  • Better security

    The funds being transferred remain in escrow account and are accessible only when all conditions a transaction are fulfilled recipient

  • Transactions speed

    Digital Deal speeds up the transaction process letting the contractor receive the payment right on completion of the work

  • Conflicts management

    Smart Justice takes care of all conflict situations with a decentralized arbitrage consisting of 51 arbitrer with a clever mathematical algorithm that will always prevent any biased vote

The popularity of transaction in cryptocurrencies is growing which requires them to be safe. BANKEX Digital Deal is to put an end to the issue of distrust in the cryptocurrency world

How it works

BANKEX Digital Deal is an ecosystem with four technological solutions: BANKEX Trust, BANKEX Escrow, BANKEX Smart Justice, and BANKEX Scan. BANKEX Trust allows to agree on the terms of deals and record them into the blockchain whereas BANKEX Escrow enables the parties to freeze necessary funds. BANKEX Smart Justice helps settle disagreements or other sticky situations through decentralized arbitrage, and BANKEX Scan assists in the tracking of transactions.

Use cases

  • Payment for services

    Digital Deal is an all-in-one solution for drawing up a contract between a party ordering a service and a party providing it. The system is an excellent solution for freelance workers accepting payments in cryptocurrencies and for small businesses, which are ready to receive and send payments in cryptocurrencies

  • ICO Bounty campaigns

    Digital Deal is a perfect tool for ICO projects running bounty campaigns. Using BANKEX Trust and Escrow the project can automate the payments upon the completion of certain terms set for the distribution of the award to the participants of the bounty campaign

  • Sale or exchange of assets

    BANKEX Trust and Escrow can be an efficient solution for cryptocurrency transactions on p2p platforms like Ebay

  • Peer-to-peer exchange

    Secure peer-to-peer exchange of cryptocurrencies guaranteeing the parties correct execution of the exchange