Supply Chain
BANKEX Supply Chain Traceability is a blockchain-based analytical, easy-adjustable traceability technology giving access to detailed information on delivery, conditions and stock of goods in any supply chain.
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  • Immutability

    What is entered into the blockchain cannot be deleted or garbled

  • High-accuracy tracking

    Allows the consumer to see detailed information about the path of goods they buy

  • Transparency

    The records are copied to the Ethereum mainnet

  • Deep insight in product-related information beyond delivery timelines and tracking.

The paperwork of state institutions causes a lot of trouble and creates many obstacles for the people and businesses in obtaining particular documents which they are fully eligible for. All that causes time uselessly spent which reduces productivity on a grand scale. The solution offered by Trust allows to transform a large part of that paperwork into the digital format. That will greatly simplify all legal dealings for both individuals and enterprises, which will result in better productivity and less paper waste

How it works

BANKEX Trust provides for better information exchange between the customer and contractor in a deal. The information is stored on blockchain ledgers being securely protected from unauthorized access with permission-based access and contemporary encryption

Use cases

  • Substitution of employment record book

    Our blockchain-based registry prevents any loss of employment data and guarantees a correct record of time in employment

  • Blockchain-based issuance of visas

    BANKEX Trust guarantees an ultimate degree of security of personal data and excludes all probability of loss of your document