Asset Management

The only way to receive a stable yield on your Bitcoins, regardless of the going price.


  • Orders are placed 24/7 under the supervision of the traders on duty.

  • Professional liquidity management and volatility smoothing for serious players. No bots — just real traders.

  • Consulting for listing on crypto exchanges: all the nuances, particulars, and hidden challenges, sorted and explained using our hard-earned experience.

  • Dedicated tech for market making for Security Tokens — *coming soon*

  • Minimum amount to start with BANKEX Asset Management - 10 BTC.

  • Weekly reports.

  • Coming soon: a personal dashboard for asset management using reliable Custody Service technology.

  • Professional trading team with experience on real markets — over ten years of successful trading on stock, commodity, currency and futures markets.

Get passive income from your investments in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Arbitrage trading strategies are some of the most low-risk available due to the hedging mechanism used. Arbitrage strategies are resistant to changes in cryptocurrency rates, demonstrating income growth in both bull and bear markets. You can set an acceptable level of risk. If this level of risk is reached, trading on your capital will stop.

What is Asset Management

The trading algorithms we use determine entry points, place / remove orders, make hedging transactions, shift order prices. Before trading, the main performance indicators of the strategies (risk, maximum loss, number of instruments, use of margin trading, etc.) are agreed upon with the client.

Arbitrage yields are constantly changing, so we track changes in arbitrage opportunities around the clock and redistribute the arbitrage portfolio between different instruments, exchanges, and strategies.

Setup and control of arbitration strategies depend on current market conditions

Use cases

  • "I want to keep trading, but I keep losing." Trading isn't a game — it's a field for professionals.

  • "I have Bitcoins and want to earn a passive income, using instruments only available to big money on Wall Street."

  • "I'm a major crypto-hodler and I want to try asset management through API on my accounts."

  • "I want to order a mining rig and start earning on the crypto market." Don't start mining — it's a complicated business.