CryptoMarket Index

Get a passive income on the crypto market using familiar index-tracking instruments


  • The client is always informed about how the fund's portfolio is formed.

  • Investing in a professionally-compiled market index fund provides better returns than just holding a few crypto-assets.

  • 1.6 Sharpe ratio

  • 10+ years in traditional index funds. More than 2 years in the cryptocurrency market.

Keeping all your assets in one currency risks missing out on market-wide returns and disproportionate losses if a specific currency's rate falls. The solution is to diversify and invest in an automatically-managed basket of high-liquidity assets.

How it works

Index-investing strategies allow investors to be exposed to the market without needing to actively manage their assets. An index fund holds a portfolio of assets to match a particular strategy and rebalances to match the target weights in the portfolio for any given timeframe. This strategy allows low-cost transparent investment opportunities, eliminating significant human biases and potential malpractice from the risk factor equation. Asset transparency is guaranteed through the use of blockchain technology.

Use cases

  • Crypto holder

    You have crypto assets and want to receive a passive income from a growing market. A balanced index fund is the best instrument for increasing your income while lowering your risk.

  • Miner

    You're engaged in cryptocurrency mining and wish to reduce the risks to your current assets due to rate volatility.

  • Crypto newbie

    You have a lot of experience with traditional financial markets and securities investment. You've bought cryptocurrencies and want to start using familiar financial instruments in a new market.

  • Asset manager

    You have your own portfolio of crypto-assets under management. You need a trading strategy that will provide a stable income within the bounds of your portfolio.