Market making for exchanges

Market making is a regular feature of asset exchanges that increases liquidity and smooths volatility


  • An individual approach to meeting your exchange's goals

  • Technical and financial audit of exchanges, test of API functions for professional players, load-testing

  • Substantial practical experience working with all the major active exchanges on the market

  • Flexible pricing for key clients

Market making creates additional liquidity, increases trading volume, and increases the exchange's appeal to medium/large traders and investors. This leads to transaction fee and rating growth.

What is Market making for exchanges

The market maker creates liquidity by placing a large volume of buy and sell orders bids with a certain spread. The volume, spread, and other order parameters are determined by agreement with the client. Orders are carried by complementary trading algorithms set up and managed by the traders. Their main guideline is to achieve the best possible results at optimal cost to the client.

Use cases

  • Do you use market making bots? That won't end well

  • Does your exchange have ambitious goals and a drive to be #1? You'll need capable partners.

  • Clients on your exchange can't conduct transactions due to low liquidity? Keep your clients and earn through active market making.

  • Experiencing difficulties with the tech team that's developing your exchange? Figure out what to focus on