Market making for tokens

Market making is a regular feature of asset exchanges, which is now available on crypto exchanges to increase ERC20 token liquidity.


  • Orders are placed 24/7 under the supervision of the traders on duty.

  • Professional liquidity management and volatility smoothing for serious players. No bots — just real traders.

  • Consulting for listing on crypto exchanges: all the nuances, particulars, and hidden challenges, sorted and explained using our hard-earned experience.

  • Dedicated tech for market making for Security Tokens — *coming soon*

High liquidity, reduced volatility, and sufficient daily trading volume make your token attractive to investors and traders and makes listing on new exchanges easier.

What is Market making for tokens

Liquidity is created by placing purchase and sale orders with a certain spread. Volume, spread, and other order parameters are determined by agreement with the client.

Order execution is carried out by complementary trading algorithms that are configured and managed by our traders. Our guiding principle is to achieve the best results for the least cost to the client.

Use cases

  • Your token's community wants to see your token being traded. You need market making services after entering the exchange.

  • Your token is subject to pumps and dumps by unscrupulous traders. Protect your token from attacks — smooth out volatility with our market making.

  • Your token has a low trading volume and the exchange is about to delist you. Help your community with professional liquidity management.

  • Losing a lot of money on exchanges is quick and easy. Consulting with professionals with two years of experience trading on crypto exchanges will preserve your investment.