Earn and develop with the social media influencer market


  • Continued growth from industry-expert and high-revenue bloggers. Ad revenue projected to top $10 billion by 2019.

  • Projected 670% return on investment

  • Transparent management of a blogger’s cash flows. During the investment period, the blogger’s revenues are processed through the blockchain and a specific percentage is sent to a smart contract for monthly disbursements to investors.

  • Minimal start-up investment. Invest as little as $10.

MediaToken offers a new way of raising capital for digital assets

Platform overview

A new platform for influencers and social media producers who want to grow their channels, their influence, and their ad revenue. Unlike donation platforms, MediaToken enables channel owners to attract funding through unique revenue sharing agreements established on the blockchain, a technology that enables the creation of "smart contracts" with partners who provide funds and expertise in exchange for a share of ad revenue. Thanks to our unique platform, everything is streamlined and simple! If you have a computer, you are ready to go!

Use cases

  • Securitized model

    TechHives is the world's first tokenized YouTube channel dedicated to popular videos about technology and interesting figures in tech.

  • Growth loan model

    @turismospain is the world's first tokenized Instagram account. Ignacio's travel channel has already brought in over 100% yearly ROI.

  • Utility model

    1 token = 1 post

    @turismospain is the world's first tokenized Instagram account.