Real Estate Token

Raise capital for your real estate projects with end-to-end tokenization services from BANKEX. Get quick fast liquidity, save on fees, and reach investors worldwide.


  • Raise capital from a global pool of accredited traditional and crypto investors

  • Fractionalize ownership and reduce entry barriers thanks to a built-in legal framework, including compliance and transparent accounting

  • Low costs — save 90% on operating and transaction fees

  • Improve asset liquidity thanks to easy listing and automated public offering process

Raise capital fast. BANKEX is your single point of contact for everything from business model evaluation to token issuance.

Platform overview

Real Estate Tokenization involves

  • creating a digital asset (token) that represents direct or indirect ownership of an interest in a real asset
  • raising capital through a Token Offering in compliance with laws and regulations
  • trading tokens on designated token exchanges

Use cases

  • Tokenized shares in REITs

  • Raising initial equity for real estate development projects through tokenization

  • Tokenized equity in existing real estate assets