Bounty Service

BANKEX Bounty Service is the first turnkey solution for professional bounty and airdrop campaigns. You will be able to outsource the best experts of the crypto community, save time, money and management resources on your next bounty or airdrop campaign.


  • Organize any bounty or airdrop campaign, set any tokens as reward with no minimum campaign duration, simple fee structure and discounts available.

  • Easy to use, reusable campaign templates, automated token distribution, helpdesk for making better campaigns.

  • Built-in bounty wallet registration builds loyalty by offering bounty hunters speedy, guaranteed reward payout from the project.

BANKEX Bounty Service saves your funds and management resources by eliviating high-cost of operations in bounty campaigns run manually by several managers. Bounty Service gives the bounty manager control over all bounty-related procedures and secures the participants’ reward payout.

With BANKEX Bounty Service, you will get a turnkey solution for launching bounty campaigns and airdrops.

How it works

Using the BANKEX Bounty Service the bounty manager registers a bounty campaign and can customize all relevant parameters. Then the participants of campaign must register their applications and based on them the manager selects the people who will participate in the campaign.

After the end of the bounty campaign every participant gets his/her due reward.

Use cases

  • Bounties

    All-in-one bounty campaign management solution: task setting, campaign promotion, selection of participants, tracking campaign progress, reward distribution.

    Start your own bounty campaign
  • Airdrops

    All-in-one airdrop campaign management solution: customization of airdrop settings, allocation of tokens, registration of airdrop receivers’ wallets, airdrop distribution.

    Start your own bounty campaign