Community Management

BANKEX Community Management (Heroex) is a service that increases the effectiveness of communication with communities through social media and group chats. The goal of Heroex is to establish an actively-growing community loyal to your project.


  • 24/7 support in the convenient chats

  • Live engagement with your audience in any social media through a single interface

  • International team of support managers

Heroex helps build a loyal target-audience community that becomes a great promotional tool of the project. The communities cemented with Heroex become strong and grow solid internal connections between their members.

How it works

Heroex offers 24/7 token sale support. It is designed to help interested customers better understand the concept of specific projects and to make the transition from curious party to invested buyer quick and enjoyable. The team will always be there to answer questions, provide technical support, and resolve issues.

Use cases

  • Hosting

    Hosting online and/or offline events for community members

  • Conflict management

    Helping resolve conflicts and disputes between community members and the project.

  • Social Media Engagement

    Strong engagement of social media in project promotion during the token sale stage.