BANKEX MarketMaking is an instrument that helps to support the liquidity of the market and trading volumes of low-liquidity and newly-listed trading instruments on public cryptocurrency marketplaces


  • Higher chances of token listing on large echanges

  • Over 10 years of market-making experience on currency, equity and derivatives exchanges

  • Trading volume increase of low-liquidity tokens for token issuers

An organic influx of liquidity in the trading volumes of an asset make it more attractive and visible to the market. An even and gradual growth of trading volumes of an asset increases its capitalization without provoking dramatical volatility and price spikes

How it works

The trading algorithms place buy and sell orders depending on the current market situation. They control the price distance between the orders, their volumes and density with regard to maximum results at a price profitable for the customer. Several algorithms work together to yield the best results from the current market situation

Use cases

  • One

    Creation of a liquid order book for a newly-listed token

  • Two

    Liquidity growth for low-liquidity tokens that have been listed on an exchange for some time