Custody Cryptography

BANKEX Custody Cryptography is a technology that prevents unauthorized access to BANKEX customers’ funds. Custody Cryptography is one of the fundamental elements of BANKEX Custody.

Key features

  • Security

    Top level security of users’ funds.

  • One account

    Cold and hot storage in one account.

BANKEX Custody Cryptography provides security for customers’ funds at a top notch level.

How it works

The cold storage is a fully isolated module subject to security auditing. The HSM modules securely hold the keys, which give access to the private keys, which are in turn held in a database protected with strong encryption.

The private keys give an access to the hot storage, which is connected with the cold storage through a gateway. The user commands below the set funds limit will be serviced by the hot storage. The ones exceeding it will engage the cold storage.