IoT Library

Our IoT Library contains a set of solutions that combine IoT sensors with BANKEX Proof-of-Asset Protocol to enable ongoing monitoring of tokenized assets. BANKEX IoT Library is another step towards transparent, efficient and accountable remote asset management

BANKEX IoT Library allows the users to control their apartments and electric and other appliances being away from home via IoT sensors and BANKEX Proof-of-Asset Protocol, which simplifies control over rented apartments and allows to avoid paying agencies providing real estate management service

How it works

The sensors register the changes and transfer them in a codified form to the BANKEX IoT Hub whereof they are transmitted to an Ethereum smart contract, which compiles all the changes registered by all sensors. At the next stage, the smart contract sends the information about the event to the BANKEX server. Finally, the server sends it to the user’s device through WebSocket, which acts as a fast-speed gateway between the serverand the user’s device. To do that, the user needs to install BANKEX IoT App select the type of asset and fill in the required information