BANKEX Plasma is a daughter blockchain of the main Ethereum network, which reduces the gas costs of transactions and solves the scalability issue of the Ethereum blockchain

Key features

  • Throughput rate of up to 100,000 transactions per second

  • Negligibly small transaction costs regardless of the amount of money sent

BANKEX Plasma is a blockchain that allows to offload some of the Ethereum transactions from the Ethereum main chain to be processed faster without the involvement of miners through the smart contract of Plasma. Increasing the transfer capacities it minimizes transaction fees making Ethereum transactions easier than ever

How it works

BANKEX Plasma will work as a blockchain that processes ETH transactions through a smart contract without needing a consensus of the miners of the main Ethereum network to confirm the validity of transactions. The confirmation will be done by the end users with their private keys. That makes the transactions many times speedier and cheaper than on the main Ethereum chain. Still, the statistical information about the transactions processed by Plasma will be included in the Ethereum main chain through the Plasma API