Media Tokenization

New opportunities to earn and develop with social media blogger market.

  • More profit from bloggers

    Take commissions as an agency / service Get a share of bloggers’ advertising income participating as an investor

  • Develop your business and gain competitive edge

    Wider range of counterparties by attractiveness of blockchain technologies Future possible integration of triple point accounting

  • Better bloggers in your pool

    More popular bloggers grown with loyalty to your agency/service More willingness to work with you More bloggers with exclusive contracts Healthy competition spirit among bloggers willing to attract more funds

New evolutionary technology opens the door to Social Media Market funding

Platform overview

Mediatoken is a platform that tokenizes accounts on social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, etc. Mediatoken allows bloggers and creators to get contributions and crypto. Contributors, in their turn, can receive income as the creators evolve and earn. Mediatoken provides incentive for bloggers to constantly improve their content.

Part of BANKEX’s push to tokenize novel assets, Mediatoken can revolutionize the world of new media by incentivizing creators while allowing contributors to offer direct support to their favorite projects. As creators develop their projects and build larger followings, they can partner with brands and services to provide revenue both for themselves and their token-holders. Mediatoken is both an incubator for fledgling projects and a revenue-sharing model for the distributed media world.