We are a fintech company that utilizes new technologies to expand the frontiers of traditional financing
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BANKEX BKX is listed on OKEX!

Proof-of-Asset Protocol

The BANKEX Proof-of-Asset (PoA) Protocol is a new standard used to create smart assets and smart contracts for decentralized capital markets. It is developed to meet the liquidity challenge and make asset deals faster, simpler and more reliable.

Our technologies allow assets to be continuously monitored and remotely appraised in real time at any given moment.

Internet of Assets

Internet of Assets

We build Internet of Assets (IoA) — a decentralized network which evaluates assets automatically and instantly. It greatly contributes to the development of a new digital asset trading industry.

Our BaaS (Banking-as-a-Service) platform applies Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to appraise assets as well as improve the liquidity of assets expeditiously.

Supporting Technologies

Supporting technologies

Supporting technologies

New emerging technologies open a world of possibilities that will change the way you think about finance without changing the way you think about success. Is it possible? You bet it is.

What are your needs? Chance are we already have a solution for you.

If not — simply request it!

The Blockchain and IoT Tech Behind Proof-of-Asset Protocol
BANKEX CTO Denis Khoruzhiy explains the advanced technology behind the BANKEX Proof-of-Asset Protocol.
BANKEX Office Tour: A Well Oiled Machine
Everyday, people at BANKEX apply themselves to building Internet of Assets (IoA), based on the principles of BaaS. We invite you to take a tour inside one of the world’s leading fintech companies. Meet the team that operate this well-oiled machine and pave the way for the evolution of financial markets.
Plasma and Other Technologies Developed by BANKEX Foundation
If you are a developer, reach out to the BANKEX Foundation to take part in the development of the cuttingedge blockchain technology and gain valuable experience.

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Core Tech Team

Core tech team

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Managing Director
BANKEX Foundation CEO
BANKEX Foundation CTO
BANKEX Foundation VP Eng
Financial Modeling Analyst
VP Project Management
Business Development Manager (South-East Asia)
Business Development / Strategic Partnerships, Global

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BANKEX in the media

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