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What is Social Commerce

Now customers can pay you directly in messengers and social networks. A user just needs to push a button to transfer money between his and the company’s wallet. This is a new way to buy called social commerce.

What BANKEX Does

We created payment tools and we can integrate them where your audience is. Your customers will have an easy way to make transactions no matter what your business is.

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Why Do You Need It

BANKEX social commerce tools will help you


Have direct access to millions of users in messengers and social media


Become closer to your audience. Be present in their messengers


Shorten your sales funnel to one click

We Have Tools For


Monetize your content in one click

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B2C Business

Make your loyalty program flexible

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Financial Company

Use our solutions to gain new clients

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109 000 MainWallet users Trust Us Because

None of BANKEX clients didn’t face security based money losses

Our infrastructure withtains 14 000 unique payments in one moment

We provide 10 transactions every second right now

80 000 000

operations in 2019-2020

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No Business?

No problem.
MainWallet is a BANKEX Product for non-corporate clients. It is a payment service for small businesses, owners of chats, channels and games in Telegram.

MainWallet is such a great payment service!

Great! I hope BANKEX will start tweeting more about related news instead of "blogging". I think the community/investors are still very excited and crave to hear about what is currently going on. Your product is very undervalued because of the lack of "marketing" in my opinion. Go BANKEX!!


My summary: this is a great product indeed

Unfortunately the UX isn't very user friendly but I hope for the better. The team made the most out of it tho. I'm very curious about how they are going to make money out of this.


I like MainWallet!

Because the way it works is very precise, and also very good, I hope it reaches the whole world :) I continue to support it going forward :)


I admire your work!

And you have a great team. because I followed in the footsteps of the mainwallet first. although it doesn't contribute to it. keep on trying frien

Chun Lee

Hello Admin!

Nice project you guys have here, I am a youtuber, let's take this project to its peak


Withdrawals and deposits Work smoothly

I've also got a notification about successful deposit from the bot. Pretty convenient even at this stage of the service


Amazing projects, Thanks for time

I hope you hug other erc 20 token so easy using ur bot. Not arrogant admin, very humble amazing with the bot and team! Love the team!


The three cores of the platform economy have made the scale huge

Creating innovative value by increasing the freedom of customers and producers, and creating professional effects by using data. Bkx can consider positioning itself as a match for financial products. It is a completely new definition of financial intermediary role.

Sun Up
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