BestRate Chatbot

BANKEX BestRate chat bot is an Uber-like service that helps those who want to exchange dollars or other foreign currencies to rubles or vice versa to find the best exchange rate in the nearest exchange office.

This service combines two important features:

  • an automated exchange interface for users who wants to exchange currency
  • an interface that allows currency exchange offices to add their services to the BANKEX BestRate chat bot

It works as a Telegram chat bot where a user types commands. The user can choose the currency and amount he/she would like to exchange.After sending out his/her location, the user will receive a list of currency exchange offices and their exchange rates. Then user can choose the one that works the best for him/her.

Another part of it is a BestRateExchangePointBot which allows currency exchange operators add their service offering to the BANKEX BestRate platform. A currency exchange operator, for example a bank, will want to do this so their currency exchange services will be displayed in the BestRate chat bot dialogue box for those seeking to exchange currency in the area where they operate.

Congratulations! You just have found the best exchange rate thanks to the BANKEX BestRate chat bot.