Classic Exchange Auctions of Deposits

One of the BANKEX solutions is represented by deposits of small and medium businesses. The product is available on the basis of Deposit auctions "Deposits" of the public joint-stock company Moscow Exchange, where BANKEX acts as the status of the Organizer of auctions.

What are M-Deposits?

M-Deposits are market auctions to decide placement of funds on Bank deposits and the make of Deposit deals. The exchange provides the Organizers of auctions (those who place money) and credit organizations (attracting funds into deposits)with a universal platform for the conduction of Deposit transactions and effective liquidity management.

The Exchange's trading system allows you to select various options for Deposit auctions:

Competition at the Deposit auction for raising funds is in accordance with values proposed in the bidder's interest rates of deposits.

The mechanism of transactions

  • the auction organizer sends a request to the auction with set parameters and limits on participants (1 hour before the auction)
  • Participants will receive information about the limits and parameters of the auction through the trading system of JSC Moscow Exchange
  • Based on proposed bids the auction organizer determines the rate cut-off. Transactions are conducted.

The arrangement of access to market "deposits"

The organizer of the auction goes to the Moscow Exchange. The Moscow Exchange approves the rules - Contract of accountability of participants to the Rules of Conduct of the Deposit Auctions. Several parties (participants) work under the Rules. The Exchange controls participants and limitations (in accordance with the requirements of the Organizer of auction).

BANKEX is working on the role of organizer of the auction: