BANKEX Cryptex — Professional Cryptoсurrency Trading and Execution

What's it?

BANKEX CrypteEx is a technology provider offering its clients a unique combination of ready to use crypto trading technology AND the deepest available pools of crypto liquidity.

We are connected to multiple sources with the highest liquidity and able to instantly route and execute large orders via our proprietary API, which is tailored for crypto currency markets.

For FX brokers, we offer the MetaTrader server bridge, which can seamlessly connect an already deployed MetaTrader server with our liquidity and smart order routing API.

CryptEx interacts with other systems using API program interfaces. On the screen you can see the project’s source codes in the github repository.

Professional users can use these API or connect to our modules using MetaTrader, while for less experienced users, we are developing a special service, CryptoFolio, which, aside from strategies developed in CryptEx, enables the user to utilize other tools to manage their crypto-assets.

CryptoFolio is a crypto-asset control service in development at BANKEX. It allows users to store their cryptocurrenices, as well as use the cryptocurrencies to gain additonal income generated by forming varied portfolios with different levels of profitability and risk. In addition, CryptoFolio can also be used to hedge the risks of cryptocurrency value change, make CFD contracts, participate in high frequency trading (HFT), and execute strategies develped for our CryptEx system on different stock markets.

Users don't need to register with many different trade spaces or stock markets, instead, they can make all the decisions on operations using our service. We will carry out all the necessary operations with maximum amount of profit on the stock markets that maximize yield at the time.

A registered user of the service is able to transfer any cryptocurrency to his/her account then use it in various operations, to investing into auto-balanced portfolios, posting orders for purchases of CFD contracts and investing funds into automated trading strategies. If an user is a newcomer in trading, he/she can also use the Advisory section, in which wizards developed by our analysts will ask a series of questions regarding the goal of his/her investments, desired profitability and acceptable risks. Then an individual distribution of investments across different financial tools will be recommended depending on the user's answers.

The users are able to control both the overall balance of assets and the distribution across existing accounts, as well as convert cryptocurrencies at profitable internal rates depending on the external market fluctuations.

Orders for various positions are placed directly in our service. Reviewing the list of positions allows us to analyze the income of each position and partially (forming an order opposite to the direction of the open position) or completely(directly on the list of open positions) close them to adjust to market changes.

When users are not able to detect drastical changes of rates, the system will automatically close an order based on the margin call.

In the strategy control window, users can see the trading results achieved by various automated strategies, which are recommended by the wizards in the Advisory Section. The wizards can adjust the ratio of investments in strategies and other tools.

Using our service, any cryptocurrency owner can gain the profit that used to be exclusive to professional traders.