Tokenize. Globalize. Deal.
All real-world assets are going to be tokenized
We are a fintech company that utilizes new technologies to expand the frontiers of traditional financing
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Use blockchain technology to get funding for your Instagram account and become famous!
Blockchain based investment platform for rental income secured by real property
Franchise Token leverages the BANKEX Proof-of-Asset protocol to transform any franchise outlet into a security token
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Won special prize from Kyber Network at ETH San Francisco
Ranked amongst top 20 most influential blockchain companies on social media
Highly evaluated at ETHBerlin hackathon
Frontier Award at London Fintech Week
Ethereum Plasma Prime MVP presented at hackathon
Ethereum hackathon hosted by BANKEX Foundation
Created web3.swift native client
Plasma-type protocol prototype presented
Finalist of Innotribe Startup Challenge (by SWIFT)
$120K grant from Microsoft Azure
Top 50 fintech startups in the world
Vitalik Buterin awards Winners of the Hackathon
Smart Asset tokens for Hollywood
Top 6 tokensales in the world in 2017
Vitalik Buterin tweet BANKEX Tech Team
Life.SREDA blockchain hackathon winner